ABOUT ME – Sandra M Davidson


Hi.  I'm Sandra.  I'm a wife, and self-proclaimed half-a-hippie mom of two from Florida. I'm into yoga, the beach, dogs, and all things University of Florida Gators (class of 2000.)

I spent a lifetime chasing success and through hard work found it often.  I climbed the corporate ladder and created a successful career in the marketing and promotions arena, but my priorities started to change when I became a mother.

In 2013, I fell into referral marketing/NWM by complete accident when I ordered some products after seeing a Facebook post from an acquaintance.  Within days I was transformed with the health and wellness products too and started to share this gift with my friends and family with ZERO intention of making an income. 

In 2015, I saw the proverbial light that is "RESIDUAL INCOME" and I jumped in. Using only social media, I went on to create a 6-figure income in less than a year and retired from my 60 hour work week/4 hour daily commute/2 weeks of vacation a year J.O.B. One year later I was earning a multiple 6 figure income and now we are traveling the world with our two children and World Schooling them.  

In 2015, I created The Break Free Project, and started helping others build the same healthy, wealth, and freedom using new and improved SIMPLE methods.  Gone are the days of depending on only cold calling, selling to friends, home parties etc.  While I still believe in the beauty of connection, the digital age has gifted us with resources that current companies DO NOT TEACH.  

It IS possible to attract people to YOU instead of constantly chasing people to join you. If you are looking to break free like I did, and grow your current home-based business into an Empire sign up for our free 10-day Attraction Marketing BootCamp and schedule a 30 minute freedom interview with me here.

If you are looking to start a new business that will give you more freedom than you ever dreamed I would love to chat with you to see if The Break Free Project is right for you.  Schedule your 30 minute freedom call here.

I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and goals.  Remember, "if you aren't living the life you love, it's time to break free."